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Verification Certificate for Tatkal/Tatkaal Passport

Hii guys.. I am writing this blog just to help all u guys who are in need for an urgent passport..I would like to share my experience here..I hope it would help u a bit.
  First thing don't even look at their site..They never update it..If you are applying for a fresh passport u have to get a VERIFICATION CERTIFICATE along with Annexure I.  There is no other option you have.You can get Annexure I from any court,borivali or bandra or goregaon.. But where to get Verification certificate from??..well look for contacts..somebody u know whose a GM of a PSU..or DIG,Magistrate,Collector..check d sites for this details.
And if you don't have anyone who can issue that for you then you have to go through a long procedure to get it from a deputy collector. In my case I took help of Borivali Tehsildar (Mr. Vinod Rane). I went to him personally and discussed my case with him. Only Bandra Office are permitted to give the verification certificate not Tehsildar's Office. But still he took interest in my case and asked the deputy collector of Mumbai(Ms Farog Mukkadam) to look into my case. So i went to Bandra again with all the documents required and annexure I. There they officially entered my case into their register. I took the sign from the deputy collector and came back to meet Mr. Rane. He then requested the Mandal Adhikari of my region to go and personally take a statement from me and my father at my residence and also take signatures of three of my neighbors as witnesses. After that was done some official papers were made by the officers in the tehsildar's office.Once that was done Mr. Rane finally signed on those sheet and asked me to rush to Bandra and ask the deputy collector to complete the procedure and issue me the Verification Certificate.

Keep in mind.. if you want to get a verification certificate urgently from tehsildar office, do all the work by yourself. Don't wait for the officials to send your documents through post. That will take a lot of time. So do all the running by yourself to get it done.

All the best. Do post your Queries if any...also share your experience too.


  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have applied for Tatkal Passport ( Fresh ) its very daunting task first of all you need to Obtain A VC ( Verification Certificate ) from my exp im telling its not easy to obtain a VC.You must have a good contact / ref of a Class A officer as mentioned in Annexure "F" someone personally who will issue you the VC.I my case i didn't had any tried to contact lot of people but none helped.Finally i chased a friend on FB who in turn gave ref of a govt Class A officer (Dy Director) In Central Govt.

    The Govt Officer was under 7th Category : All members of any All India Service or Central Service who are equivalent to or above the rank of an Under Secretary to the Government, i.e. with Grade pay of Rs.6,600/- and above.

    I have got the Appointment date @ Andheri PSK for 12th June 2012.I would suggest if you have the VC get it first checked by RPO / PA to RPO Officer @ Worli Passport Office.Mr Choube / Mr Paul Mark John (PA to RPO Counter no 4) 2nd floor.I Personally went with the VC to Mr Paul to get it checked before taking appointment @ PSK.Mr Paul verified the VC and then i went ahead and took the appointment for document submission @ Andher PSK.( I would strongly recommend to get the VC checked before taking appointment at PSK from RPO / PA to RPO who will guide you if the VC requires any modification or if its not valid also or else on the appointment date you will be send back so better get it verified.)

    Mr Paul asked me to get the Rank Of The Officer And Entry Level of the officer.I asked the officer for the same but he updated that Rank is only given to IAS / IPS officer and about the entry level the officer himself didn't knew what is Entry Level.

    Also the VC has to be strictly only on letter head.Department letter head will also be fine.It must mention the details of the officer signing it and a photo of the applicant partially signed and stamped on the VC.And a photocopy of the signing officers identity card front / back if possible also take the same photocopy on letter head itself.You will require a Standard Affidavit "Annexure I" which you can obtain from any local court in your area.In My case i went to local court got it done for Rs 300/-.

    Also the passport websites mention that for for issuing fresh passport ( Tatkal ) you can submit either Verification Certificate OR list of 3 documents out of 15 but again not sure if that works the Tatkal Helpline guys updated even if its mentioned on the website that you need a VC or 3 documents out of 15 the decision of APO/RPO shall be considered final.

    Will be going to Andheri PSK 2rrow with the VC to check if it works or not.... Will post the next update 2rrow after visiting PSK



    1. But I provided VC for tahasildar of our region, PSK dint accept VC signed by tahasildar.

      So plz can u help me to get VC ??

      Jay Gada

    2. Hi pl. provide me a reference for verification certificate, as I need to go to UAE urgently and need to get my passport renewed under tatkaal. My no: +91-9167132325.

    3. can i submit vc signed by a tahsildar on his letter head?

  2. Hi Everyone,

    Just now back after document submission @ PSK Andheri.Just sharing the exp with you guys.

    Got Apt @ 12:00 reached at 11:20 place was over crowded managed to get to counter no 1/2 Only meant for Tatkal but unfortunately i didnt had my bank statements attested so the PSK executive reissued me apt @ 12:55 came out took a auto and went to bank straight luckily ICICI was near.By the time i came back it was 1:10 Already and at the entrance i was not allowed in i spoke with a senior executive who was outside and he let me in.

    ( Just to remind you please carry two printouts of the appointment letter one u need to submit it @ the counter 2nd one keep it handy just in case if u have to go out side the office u cannot enter in so get the second copy stamped by the executive at counter. who will put a stamp and time and then you can go out and will be allowed in again.)

    After the returning back with the bank statement i managed to get back at the counter @ 1.10 after that again came a bad news the verification certificate i was carrying didn't have reference no so i called the officer from PSK he said he didn't have any reference no the officer he had the Appointment ID which was issued to him when he joined govt service so wrote it down on the verification certificate and submitted it quickly.My file then went for verification to the RPO.

    Just to remind you once do mention the officers office land line no on the VC cause the RPO will call the officer in 15/20 minutes after you submit the VC if the concern officer is not available on the official phone no then the verification might get cancelled for that day cause the RPO do not consider calling on the officers mobile so make sure the office land line no mentioned on the VC should be correct.I saw a couple of guys denied since the no was not correct or the officer was not available.After getting my VC cleared via phone i was issued a token you have to take the token and go to counter no A then B then C

    @ Counter A you have to pay fees 2500/- for Tatkal..They will scan all your documents,take finger impressions,veryfiy your filled details in the form,Photos are also taken.He will prepare your file you have to take it counter no B it will take not more than 15 min here.

  3. Just to add more trouble one note of 500 Rs which i given was completely torn and was glued perfectly but it got noticed i was denied and asked to come back next day but luckily the most of the staff was Marathi Speaking i requested him he paid 500 Rs from his pocket and i agreed to give him once i withdraw it from ATM and decided to meet him at exit entrance.

    @ Counter B the officer will verify your photocopies with original hardly takes 5 min or so.Then you move to counter C

    @ Counter C again the same the officer will cross check your details with original and then you move to next counter where you collect the fee receipt and the Acknowledgement Letter.I logged off @ 5:30 PM

    Also i enquired about resissue of passport in tatkal even if its mentioned on the website you require only address proof and birth proof or VC but if you
    submit the standard proofs and not a VC the reissue of old passport will take normal time only ie 15-30 days cause all the documents that u submitted for reissue will be verified by normal procedure ie by post and that involves correspondence from lot of govt bodies so dont expect that if you apply reissue in tatkal you will get it in 6/7 days but there are cases where ppl have received reissue in a week that depends again if your papers are clear and you are
    lucky enough.

    For guys issuing Fresh Passport in Tatkal Verification Certificate is must.On website its written you have to submit either VC or 3 out of 15 documents
    but all the PSK in mumbai dont accept it and the reason for that is due to lenghty procedure to cross verifiy each document from different govt bodies and
    it will take the same time as the normal passport issue.So even if you submit the the 3 documents out of 15 there 90 % chance that the RPO will reject your application.In Short for fresh issue of passport you MUST HAVE VERIFICATION CERTIFICATE.

    Imp Note For VC

    1) It must be on letter head strictly (Individual or department will do ) / Colour Print out of letter head wont be accepted still you can give a try
    2) It must containt Referance no
    3) Your photo must be signed and stamped by the officer issuing VC partially on letterhead and partially on the photo
    4) If possible get the Identity card of the officer front n back also on the letter head ( Not mandatory ) and it must be signed and stamped also.
    5) Make sure the officers offical phone no must be valid the RPO will only call on Official Landline mentioned in the Vc and not on mobile so as soon as you enter the PSK call the officer of your ref and update him that he will get a call on landline in half to one hour time.
    6) AAdhar Card is not valid so no use of carrying it.
    7) Carry Standard Affidavit (Annexure "I") you can get it from local court i got it done from local agent outside court for 300 /-
    8) Carry bank statment of last one year latest one and get it attested from bank or carry original passbook with two photocopy if from co-operative bank.



  4. I am sorry to tell you, only when you fail to have three solid address proofs out of 15 documents you require this Verification Certification either you seek a fresh or reissue a passport in Tatkaal! If you have 3 address proofs definitely the authorities will accept that and they will issue passport!


  5. Without VC, application is rejected. I talk from personal experience at Parel PSK. Both websites: & are either un-updated or inaccurate. 3 out of 15 doc is apparently only accepted at RPOs, not PSKs. In Mumbai, only PSKs cater to applicants, so Mumbaiites can't exercise this option.

  6. Hi This is is Jiten. I require ur urgent support in helping me for a VC. I have been struggling for VC & i require any contact info whom i can approach for getting my VC signed & if needed i will pay for the same. I got an offer i mexico & my slot at PSK is booked for 14th Jan. Would require ur immense support in helping me asap..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    My num is +9167731479.. plzz

  7. The passport site info is useless shit...
    The PSK wont entertain you without a VC...
    Also no officer would sign your VC if he doesnt know you personally...:/
    so its a big big headache guys...
    how can a person who doesnt know any officer personally get a tatkal passport then !?
    the procedure is very tedious and a big loophole..
    there should be an improvement in the procedure...!!!

  8. Hi....
    Firstly I greatly appreciate the information being provided here. It really helps.
    I have been trying to get my passport from Mumbai on a Tatkal basis..... It would be really helpful if i could get any practical info on this.
    I have been staying in Mumbai from the past 1.5 years and till now stayed at 2 addresses and recently i will be shifting to a new location (in Mumbai only). Adding to the frustration I have got an admit in a foreign university.

    I would greatly appreciate if I could get some help on this.

    Thanks in advance.

    Please feel free to contact me:
    Harshvardhan Mulgaonkar
    Mob: 8879355995

  9. i got a VC from BARC , the ministry of commerce and industry and got rejected both times . my mom's a govt. servant. Big time pain in the ass

  10. i am from pune and i really need to get the VC in 2 days..i already approached about 8 to 10 officials who denied to give me one on various basis..anybody out there from pune pls pls help..
    mail me at

  11. I am from pune, And i also want a contact for VC.

  12. I also needed VC to get passport in Tatkal. Somehow agents seem agreeing to get a VC for me but for Rs.15000 to Rs.18000. This is clearly a bribe to the officer who signs on VC. (this is just for VC, they charge you another Rs.7500 for the regular passport service). They say Rs.14000 goes to the person who signs on VC the rest Rs.1000 goes to the person's assistant(s). Govt should take a note of it and revise the process of getting VC for a cost.

  13. Hello….I would like to apply for re-issue of passport from Mumbai (due to change in name and address after marriage) under NORMAL scheme….please advice (i) whether PAN card (with new name- as identity proof), Bank statement for one year of bank of India (with new address – as address proof) along with marriage certificate are sufficient….. (ii) how many days are required for application under normal procedure….. (iii) if passport is received, can I apply for visa before getting post-police verification….kindly help for above matter at earliest….

  14. hey guys,
    thanks for all the inofrmation and experiences u share here..

    well i have my dream job in my hand and no passport, if i give the passport by 2nd feb am in or else have to wait for 6 months again.. so am extremely in need of a urgent tatkaal passport and dont know were to get it done from .. i stay in thane.. please help please


  15. hi evryone,
    is it possible to apply for passport without having bank statements?
    I have only Adhar card, light bill, pan card, rehan card. Please help me
    Also in tatkal tahsildar's letter is acceptable?

  16. Hi every one.i have taken VC frm tashildar with all requrmnts but not on a lettrlettr head will it work out.

  17. y i cant i get vc easily & without paying bribe????

  18. y govt is making so difficulties for person who is in-need for tatkaal passport & want to go in urgent somewhere.... just annoyed need help for VC.....

  19. hi friends this is ajay,i applied tatkal passport and i got vc from tahsildar on letter head , is it ok ? pls help me

  20. hi friends this is ajay,i applied tatkal passport and i got vc from tahsildar on letter head , is it ok ? pls help me

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  21. i wanted to know i stay in mumbai but i got a vc from capitan who is in army in hyderbad will that be valid for tatkal

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